LED Lighting: Weathering the Storm

Latest video from Littlefuse on how to weather the LED lighting storm:

Display Specialist Lascar Makes Use of E-paper Technology in its New Voltmeter Module

Established in 1977, Lascar Electronics is a UK specialist in panel meters and has in its 40+ year history built …

POSTED February 22, 2018

Ultra-thin, razor-sharp and lightning-fast OLEDS102-6LGA displays

With the EA OLEDS102-6LGA display family, Electronic Assembly introduces a product that combines the advantages of OLED technology with a particularly …

POSTED February 22, 2018

Maximum Surge Protection for Outdoor LED Lighting

The Littelfuse Surge Protection Modules are self-protected devices that can be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for …

POSTED February 20, 2018

LED Lighting Savings – Infographic

Click below for the LED Lighting Savings Infographic:

LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules – LSP10GIHP Series

Highest Performing SPD Module for Outdoor LED Lighting Protection. LSP10GIHP Series modules provide coordinated protection for most commercially available LED …

POSTED February 12, 2018

LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules Design and Installation Guide

With LED lighting increasingly replacing legacy light sources, it is time you read the Littlefuse “LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules …

POSTED February 1, 2018

Purchasing, Current Trends and Predictions

Current market conditions indicate component shortages are expected to last longer than expected, still lingering as we move into 2018. …

POSTED January 4, 2018

One to Watch – The Displays Market Can Present Tough Choices

The displays market can present tough choices when it comes to cost, quality and delivery times. Electronics Sourcing asked Review …

POSTED December 5, 2017

SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Are First to Receive RG-1 Low Risk Eye Safety Certification

Seoul Semiconductor has announced that the SunLike Series LEDs, which implement light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, …

POSTED November 21, 2017