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Feeling cranky? Elesa have the solution

Crank handles are probably one of the oldest forms of control element – just behind the hammer and the lever! Their use surely dates from the earliest machines with rotating parts – and today they continue to be a vital part of machinery operation. However their design fortunately has developed somewhat with the careful attention of Elesa’s designers who have sought to ensure the optimum balance in ergonomic comfort and control.

The Elesa range of Crank Handles encompasses older style DIN468 and 469 types, as well as modern balanced designs with eye-catching styling and up to the minute materials. Revolving handles come in palm fitting format as well as straight and folding configurations for use where a protruding handle may be hazardous, catch clothing or otherwise be unsuitable. The EIK crank handle in particular features the added safety functionality of an integral indexing plunger to ensure that the handle may not revolve, thus locking the setting in place for the required duration. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at: www.elesanow.co.uk.

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