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Making light work of mechanical design

Most electronic products incorporate some mechanical elements, with products typically featuring sheet metal parts, parts machined from solid materials, cooling systems, cable harnesses, labels, and plastic parts. Providing these parts and guiding the design from prototyping and test to volume production is the fort of Warley Design Solutions.

Optimising the design at the pre-production stage with Warley’s help can save future costs. As a rule-of-thumb, around 75 per cent of the cost of a product is set at the concept/architecture phase while post-development cost reductions can only expect to access the remaining 25 per cent of the product cost. Moreover, a high proportion of that cost will be needed to deliver function, so there are limitations on what can be achieved after a design is in production.

Under such circumstances, cost reductions of the order five to 10 per cent are a reasonable expectation. Enlist Warley to attack costs at the design stage, on the other hand and the company claims that savings can be impressive.

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