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Two questions plague manufacturers using adhesives: how much adhesive has been applied and when is the adhesive fully cured? Dymax See-Cure technology from Intertronics claims to offer a solution with a visible indicator of cure linked directly to the photo-initiator in the adhesive.

See-Cure adhesives are blue in their uncured state, making them visible on the substrate surface, in deep wells, or when placed between two layers of material. The adhesive turns clear once cured.

Since the blue colour is easily visible, simple vision systems used prior to curing can identify adhesive coverage and profile. The technology features in a range of UV curing adhesives for bonding plastics, with special significance in the medical device manufacturing industry, where extra process assurance is an advantage. Blue See-Cure adhesives will not permanently stain or, in the case of medical device adhesives, affect the bio-compatibility of the component surfaces that they contact.

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