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Acrylic Coatings provide EMI Shielding

Static control specialist, TBA Electro Conductive Products now offers nickel acrylic paints in its ECP 500 series surface coatings suitable for EMI shielding problems in a range of applications. Surface coatings offer solutions for many shielding and static control problems and can be applied with minimal training and equipment requirements using conventional paint spray techniques. ECP 502/552 nickel acrylic coatings can be supplied in bulk for use with standard spray painting equipment or in aerosols for low volume or prototype production runs.

Besides the paints themselves, TBA ECP also offers a range of services including coating of free issue parts and custom moulding and finishing of parts. ECP 502/552 nickel acrylic paints are part of TBA ECPs 500 series of coatings that has been developed to provide EMI shielding and to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the effects of electro static discharge (ESD).

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