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AVX expands high CV power supply capacitor series

avxturbocapMyrtle Beach, S.C. — AVX Corp. has expanded its popular switch-mode power supply (SMPS) capacitors series. These TurboCap series capacitors allow designers to reduce their component count, shrink board space and maintain the benefits of ceramics such as low ESR/ESL, ability to withstand transients and the ability to handle large amounts of power in an efficient and compact package, said AVX.

The series now includes 100V/47uf, 25V/220uf, and 50V/100uf versions to meet the needs of aircraft, power-converters on hybrid vehicles and dc/dc converters for general-purpose applications.

The expanded TurboCap Series capacitors are assembled using AVX’s industry-proven lead frame, which places the ceramic up off the board and significantly reduces cracking issues as well as susceptibility to shock and vibrations.

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