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Laird Redefines Temperature Control in CO2 Incubators with Precise, Reliable Thermoelectric Assembly Cooling

Highly efficient thermoelectric assemblies and bi-polar temperature controllers replace bulky and costly compressor-based systems in compact CO2 incubators. Global technology …

POSTED October 19, 2016

Heat dissipation delivers computing performance

Advantech’s new thermal solution is designed to accelerate performance of the COM Express CPU module The dynamic heat conduction system …

POSTED October 27, 2015

Flexibility takes the heat off purchasing

Thermal interface materials manufacturer, Thermal Issues, believes flexible service simplifies the workload of designers and buyers, from prototype to production. …

POSTED October 26, 2015

Stay cool when sourcing thermostats

E-mech product specialist at Charcroft, Jeff Gurr, unravels the complexities of thermostat ordering guides. If you are buying components for …

POSTED May 13, 2015

ADDA brushless DC fan ideal for office environment

AE 621 AD 6025 fan ideal for office equipment from Aerco

Available exclusively in the UK from Aerco, the ADDA AD6025 is a brushless DC axial fan built in a 60 …

POSTED February 24, 2015

Rittal Cooling Units for Quiet Environ-ments

Rittal’s ‘Blue e’ cooling units are usually found controlling the temperature within enclosures in workshops or on shop floors in …

POSTED July 14, 2014

Specialist ready to support extended line card

ES Mar14 Pg06 & 08 News Charcroft

Specialist distributor, Charcroft Electronics, has acquired Bowtech Electronics. This extends Charcroft’s product linecard with frequency-control components, temperature sensors, antennae, elapsed …

POSTED March 18, 2014

PWM Blowers: Ideal for Low Profile Electronics Enclosures


JMC Products, a world-wide leader in DC cooling fans and thermal solutions, is introducing low form factor blowers designed to …

POSTED October 15, 2013

A cleaner, more consistent thermal management solution

UniPhase Thermal Management

Universal Science, the specialist designer and manufacturer of thermal management materials has introduced a new phase change material that has …

POSTED October 14, 2013

Aerco fan sets new standards for waterproof DC fans

Aerco DC waterproof fan

New from Aerco is an improved range of DC waterproof fans from ADDA that, while being extremely cost effective, has …

POSTED October 9, 2013