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Plan ahead to end procurement struggles

Balancing product lifecycles with component availability is difficult, especially in long life sectors such as military, aerospace and medical. Independent …

POSTED April 18, 2017

Finding the right test plan

Obsolete electronic components are an issue for most aerospace and defence contractors, so when it comes to purchasing, one has …

POSTED August 6, 2015

Buying time

You can’t stop components from being discontinued, but you can manage the process so there’s time to determine a contingency …

POSTED August 4, 2015

How independents combat counterfeiting

Modern independent distribution is involved in developing the anti-counterfeiting tools that support obsolete and end-of-life material, explains 4 Star Electronics. …

POSTED May 5, 2015

DeLTA is the difference!

DeLTA (angle 2).ov

It does what it says on the can …. or does it? With legacy stock, return-to-stock or hard-to-source components, you …

POSTED April 4, 2014

Too good to be true?

ESUK Jan14 p42 COG 2

Components Obsolescence Group member, Peter Marston of Rochester Electronics, warns buyers that if a price or a lead-time seems too …

POSTED January 29, 2014

Counterfeiting: know your enemy

ES Nov13 Pg12 Digikey

Digi-Key’s Dave Doherty examines how counterfeiting occurs and ways to mitigate risk The growth in counterfeit components concerns everyone in …

POSTED November 7, 2013

Allan Webb and TLS join forces to create the Obsolescence Management Partnership

Obsolescence Management Partnership.ov

Delegates at the recent Component Obsolescence Group (COG) members meeting were briefed on the new joint venture between the two heavyweights …

POSTED October 24, 2013

Do you design defensively?

ESUK Jun13 p16 Obsolescence ML Elec

If you don’t design defensively and plan ahead, ML Electronics‘ Ray Gannon, believes obsolescence issues are bound to cost you …

POSTED August 9, 2013

DIY components cut counterfeit risks

ESUK Jun13 p12 Obsolescence Force Technology3

Recreating a component, from scratch or from existing silicon, ensures continuity of supply and eliminates the danger of purchasing counterfeit …

POSTED August 2, 2013