Littelfuse PPTC LoRho Series

Find out the latest about PolySwitch Surface Mount Resettable PPTCs for Charging Cable Protection from Littelfuse by clicking below:

USB 3.1/USB-C & Mobile Device Battery Protection

Thanks to the data transfer speeds (10Gbps or higher), power capabilities (up to 100W), a smaller size, and reversible fit, …

POSTED May 15, 2018

New Yorker Electronics & Good-Ark Semiconductor Confirm Distribution Deal

New Yorker Electronics, a global provider of electronics components for 70 years, announced it has become a franchise distributor for …

POSTED May 14, 2018

Is your supply chain on track?

Specialist inventory and a thorough knowledge of industry standards ensure TTI supports rail industry buyers with the services they require, …

POSTED May 14, 2018

New low profile AC-DC power supply series delivers high performance at low cost

Stadium Stontronics, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency power supply technology, has introduced the low-cost SRS series …

POSTED May 14, 2018

LED manufacturer opens UK facility

Taiwanese LED manufacturer, Ledtech, is to open a European facility in the UK providing a range of value-added manufacturing services, …

POSTED May 10, 2018

Connecting buyers with an approved solution

Investment in value-added assembly facilities, backed by an array of industry approvals, ensures NYK Component Solutions provides buyers with a …

POSTED May 10, 2018

Purchasing fans can be a breeze

Sourcing fans is sometimes perceived as confusing. Here, G English outlines some common dos and don’ts regarding fan and supplier …

POSTED May 10, 2018

Understanding mobile and wearable consumer electronics

Click below to find out more about mobile and wearable consumer electronics courtesy of Littelfuse:  

Littlefuse Battery Charger Protection

The axial lead 3.6mm x 9mm 777 Series fuse from Littelfuse is designed for overcurrent protection in electronic appliance charger …

POSTED May 7, 2018