An Emsman for everyone

In mechanical engineering and automation, nobody enjoys this fiddly work on the wire harnesses, coating printed boards or screwing together …

POSTED February 23, 2018

Display Specialist Lascar Makes Use of E-paper Technology in its New Voltmeter Module

Established in 1977, Lascar Electronics is a UK specialist in panel meters and has in its 40+ year history built …

POSTED February 22, 2018

Ultra-thin, razor-sharp and lightning-fast OLEDS102-6LGA displays

With the EA OLEDS102-6LGA display family, Electronic Assembly introduces a product that combines the advantages of OLED technology with a particularly …

POSTED February 22, 2018

RECOM’s evaluation board extends lifetime of SensiBLE module

RECOM has released a breakout board to connect SensiEDGE’s SensiBLE v1.0 sensor module to RECOM’s R-78S evaluation board. This technology …

POSTED February 21, 2018

Maximum Surge Protection for Outdoor LED Lighting

The Littelfuse Surge Protection Modules are self-protected devices that can be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for …

POSTED February 20, 2018

LED Lighting Savings – Infographic

Click below for the LED Lighting Savings Infographic:


From Germany’s no.1 battery charger supplier comes the NEW ANSMANN IPC 30, offering many benefits to our customer.  Using our …

POSTED February 19, 2018

Supply crunch to continue – James Carbone

Last year was no picnic for purchasers buying passives and discretes and 2018 is looking like it will be challenging …

POSTED February 15, 2018

Distributors see opportunities in automotive, IoT and industrial in 2018 – James Carbone

Tight supply of some components in the first half will help drive more customers to distributors. The bad news for …

POSTED February 15, 2018

Risk mitigation trumps cost-reduction in 2018 – Victoria Kickham

Political uncertainty and a changing business climate place risk mitigation and brand protection front and center for buyers and supply …

POSTED February 15, 2018