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Plan ahead to end procurement struggles

Balancing product lifecycles with component availability is difficult, especially in long life sectors such as military, aerospace and medical. Independent …

POSTED April 18, 2017

Finding the right test plan

Obsolete electronic components are an issue for most aerospace and defence contractors, so when it comes to purchasing, one has …

POSTED August 6, 2015

How independents combat counterfeiting

Modern independent distribution is involved in developing the anti-counterfeiting tools that support obsolete and end-of-life material, explains 4 Star Electronics. …

POSTED May 5, 2015

DeLTA is the difference!

DeLTA (angle 2).ov

It does what it says on the can …. or does it? With legacy stock, return-to-stock or hard-to-source components, you …

POSTED April 4, 2014

Get active on obsolescence

ESEU Nov13 Pg06 & 08 News COG

Component Obsolescence Group (COG) expo 2013 will take place on 4 December in Frankenthal, Germany. The event aims to cover the …

POSTED November 19, 2013

Agreement enhances obsolescence management


CMCA (UK) and Qtec Solutions have established an exclusive agreement aimed at further enhancing their obsolescence management capabilities. The two …

POSTED July 31, 2013

Intel, AMD and NEC x86 Processors Re-created


Force Technologies Ltd offer a replacement for the obsolete Intel 80186/286/386/486 Processor in high reliability long life systems.  The custom …

POSTED May 30, 2013

America II Unveils New Global Website and Web App

America II Electronics, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent distributors of semiconductors and electronics components, today announced the launch …

POSTED May 23, 2013

IPC and ECIA to work on component obsolesce guideline

When a component manufacturer discontinues a particular component, it creates a ripple effect throughout the electronics assembly industry, leaving EMS …

POSTED April 10, 2012

Low risk options for obsolescence management

Offering an extensive parts inventory backed by manufacturing and re-creation services, Rochester Electronics specialises in obsolescence solutions for electronics buyers …

POSTED December 15, 2011