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New ABB AF Range Contactors Reduce SKUs by 90 Percent

The new line of AF Range contactors from ABB Low Voltage Products division features four coils in the entire voltage …

POSTED May 26, 2014


The low cost MINI-SMD-TCXOs from the oscillator specialist PETERMANN-TECHNIK in Landsberg am Lech are being used to an increasing degree …

POSTED May 23, 2014

Next Generation of Enhanced 2 and 4-channel LIN Transceiver MLX80002/4 Reduces System Costs for Multi LIN Master Systems

Local interconnect network nodes are witnessing exponential growth rates in cars, resulting in master modules controlling multiple LIN buses. To address …

POSTED May 16, 2014

IQD’s new microcomputer-compensated crystal oscillator delivers ±50ppb stability in a 7 x 5mm package


IQD’s new IQMT-100 series Microcomputer Compensated Crystal Oscillator (MCXO) offers customers OCXO performance in a standard clock oscillator sized package. …

POSTED April 15, 2014

Aeroflex S-Series Signal Generators Improve Phase Noise Performance


Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), has enhanced its S-Series signal generators (SGA and SGD) …

POSTED March 4, 2014

New analogue compensated TCXO from IQD delivers a frequency stability down to ±0.28ppm


Portable instrumentation equipment and communications systems (fixed and mobile) frequently require a high stability oscillator but don’t have either the …

POSTED March 4, 2014

Newly designed OCXO from IQD delivers class leading ultra low phase noise performance


IQD’s new IQOV-200F OCXO delivers exceptional phase noise performance with a close-in measurement of -130dBc @100Hz and a noise floor …

POSTED January 2, 2014

IQD introduce new custom crystal filter product platform


IQD recently launched their custom crystal filter product platform at the European Microwave Week 2013. The IQXF-1000 series are a …

POSTED October 21, 2013

Murata commercializes crystal unit for wearable electronics and computing


Murata today announced it would commence commercial production of its XRCGD crystal unit in October 2013. With a frequency precision …

POSTED October 10, 2013

Intersil’s Versatile Full Synchronous Buck Regulator Features Wide 3V to 36V Input Range and Internal Compensation


Intersil Corporation, a leading provider of innovative power management and precision analog solutions, today introduced the ISL85415, a versatile 500mA …

POSTED September 23, 2013