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Latest 10.4” TFT Display from Innolux for extreme temperatures

DATA MODUL expands the portfolio with the new 10.4″ TFT Display from Innolux, which is especially well suited for demanding and special environments. The G104ACJ-L01 is perfect in applications in the high-end and automotive industry not only thanks to its format. A precise colour display and perfect readability are achieved with brightness values of 900 cd/m2, an excellent UVGA resolution (960×1280 pixels) and a contrast ratio of 1:1000 and with 85° viewing angles from all directions.

Besides that, the display is distinguished in particular by the extremely extended temperature range: The operating temperature can be between -40° and 85°C and the storage temperature can even be -40° to 90°C. The display is therefore not only a perfect outdoor device, but can also be used in demanding (and challenging) applications, like cold storage, in agricultural equipment and unheated warehouses. The typical LVDS interface makes a significant contribution to the long lifetime of the display, which is stated by the manufacturer to be an impressive 50,000 hours.

Claus Vogt, Head of Product Management, Display Solutions, DATA MODUL: “Our display portfolio is very extensive and offers the perfect solution for every need. Due to the high and always changing demand from industrial customers for displays for the most varied applications, we have to constantly adapt our portfolio. With this display, we can now offer a suitable solution for particularly demanding environmental conditions – without losing readability and lifetime. A perfect addition for us and our customers.”


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